Please Help Us Fly Higher!

It costs about £130 to run a team of Street Angels for one night on the streets of Woking. During those nights we will willingly help your children, your neighbours – even you – so please will you help us by donating some money?
Street Angels are volunteers who believe that people deserve care and love in their time of need. Those needs could be as a result of homelessness, intoxication, drug abuse, assault or any other issue which has caused personal distress or the potential for physical harm. Street Angels help people whoever they are and whatever their situation, for example by listening, simple acts of generosity, caring, offering practical help or by referring people to other (specialist) agencies who can help them.
Woking Street Angels patrol the town centre every Friday and Saturday night, working with the police, door staff and medical services to ensure Woking's night-time visitors have a pleasant and safe experience in the town. There are currently over 60 trained volunteers.
What difference do we make?
We make a positive impact on crime and antisocial behaviour in the town centre, particularly in the vicinity of bars and clubs, by providing a calming presence on the streets late at night.  Woking Street Angels began in February 2011, and in 2015 Surrey Police reported a 64.5% drop in violent crime on the streets of Woking Town Centre during the nights that the Street Angels are present. Since February 2011:
Woking Street Angels have saved 1384 pairs of feet from glass cuts by handing out flip flop to ladies who’d removed their dancing shoes after a night out
Woking Street Angels have given out 204 blankets to those who’d thought a ‘beer jacket’ would be sufficient to keep them warm
Woking Street Angels have cared, helped and listened to over 1266 people from all walks of life
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What are our costs?
It costs about £20,000 per annum to run Woking Street Angels.  Over the last three years we have benefitted from generous grants and donations from Woking Borough Council, the Diocese of Guildford, local churches, charitable groups, institutes and individuals.
£11000 PA for a part time co-ordinator to ensure the smooth operation of the Angels
£100 for each high visibility jacket to keep the Angels warm and dry when on duty
£540 PA for lollipops to hand out to revellers during the evening to help lift blood sugar levels
£500 PA for bottled water to help rehydrate those with a thirst
£1700 PA rental for 2-way radios which keep the Angels in contact with Police, CCTV Control Centre and each other
£50 to recruit and train a Street Angel 
So, it costs about £130 every night the Street Angels are out. During those times we will willingly help your children, your neighbours – even you – so please will you help us by donating some money? 
Please visit our Get Involved page for all the information about how to do this.