BTCSoftware delivers lollies and flipflops to Woking Street Angels

One of the first tasks for new Street Angels Co-ordinator, Andrew Bates, was very enjoyable - taking delivery of donated supplies of hundreds of lollipops and flip flops from Woking Street Angels sponsors BTCSoftware. Street Angels give away flip flips and lollies as a friendly gesture to night-time revellers who may have had too much to drink or who are having trouble walking on their high heels.

Rob Ellis, CEO of BTCSoftware said, "When I first heard of Street Angels, I thought, 'What a great idea! – and going out with the angels through the night just served to reinforce this view. Street Angels do really valuable work looking after our young people when they may be a little worse for wear at the end of a night out."

Pictured are BTCSoftware CEO Rob Ellis and Andrew Bates with some of the donated flip flops and lollies.